We Believe

Our Mission

  • To become one of the best companies operating in the field of credit collections in the UAE.
  • To constantly monitor our conduct with our clients and partners with the highest level of integrity.
  • To believe and practice professional ethics through the following our founders vision "to delight customers with service".

Our Vision

  • To be compliant with the latest technologies and collection methods adopted worldwide for debt collections and recoveries.
  • To be attuned with the laws and procedures of the country regarding debt collection operations.

Our Core Competencies

Derby Debt Collection FZC holds the distinction of being one of the fastest growing debt collection firms among the banking and financial circles in the UAE. Our in-depth industry knowledge, practice of best collection techniques, superior technological expertise and the ability to respond quickly to each of our client demands have made us the ideal choice in the debt collections industry.

Choosing Derby will also help you gain a wide range of benefits including:

  • No set up charges:

    Our services come free of set up charges, hidden fees, subscription fees or authorization fees. You get to pay only for your claims.
  • Telephone call recording:

    We provide telephone call recording services when requested by the client.
  • Over 2 years experience:

    We have over two years of experience in Commercial Debt Collection, Consumer Debt Collection and Debt Tracing.
  • Immediate same day action:

    Derby assures its clients of initiating immediate debt collection services and ensures on providing same day action.
  • Free updates and reports:

    : As a client of Derby you gain free updates, status reports and detailed credit profiles that are provided bimonthly, monthly, quarterly or as development occurs.
  • Instalment negotiation:

    We offer expert installment negotiation for clients seeking to recover debt through monthly installment repayment plans.
  • National Field agent network:

    Our extensive national field agent network provides detailed information on the market and offers specialized debt collection solutions throughout the UAE.
  • High success rate:

    Our unique blend of sensitivity and results-oriented collection routine assures you a high success rate.
  • Representative Office in India:

    Our representative office in India takes care of all our back-office functions and provides administrative support.