We Do

Our Functional Areas

Derby Debt Collection LLC, provides professional assistance in debt collection in three functional areas, namely, Commercial Debt Collection, Consumer Debt Collection and Skip Tracing. Whatever your desired area of need maybe, we guarantee that our services will bring you the highest level of satisfaction.

Commercial Debt Collection

Commercial Debt Collection needs to be delicately handled for the future sustainment of the business relationship and for future orders not be jeopardized. The Commercial Collections Team at Derby has been trained in various commercial collection strategies, contract law and commercial litigation to ensure that your debt is collected as quickly as possible whilst retaining the relationship with your client.

All agents working for Derby are highly experienced and are trained to identify the quickest and most efficient course of action towards helping you recover your debt. We act on your behalf in a professional, knowledgeable, and courteous manner, always keeping in accordance with the Office of Fair Trading guidelines.

Our services are provided on a 'no win no fee' basis that allows you to pay us only when the debt has been collected. Our commission for commencing the service starts from a minimum percentage, and varies depending on the age, value and complexity of the case.

Consumer Debt Collection

Consumer Debt Collection requires different strategies to be used when compared to Commercial Debt Collection and at Derby, we have perfected the right approaches and tactics to help you cash in on your consumer debts. Our strategically developed 'Collections Recovery Process' along with our state-of-the-art telecommunication systems guarantee that all your outstanding debts get paid on time. Our services are also inclusive of a comprehensive tracing service to track down debtors who cannot be contacted.

We ensure that our debt collectors take on sensitive approach when collecting debt from customers who might be in financial difficulty. They are also trained to negotiate repayment plans on an installment basis which make sure that our clients receive their payments within the fastest time possible. Our Consumer Debt Collection teams also work on a double shift system helping you secure payment outside normal office hours.

Skip Tracing

Skip Tracing involves tracing debtors whose contact details cannot be established. At Derby Debt Collection, we have perfected this task and can trace your debtors within the shortest time possible. Our turnaround time is so fast it can be as quick as just six hours!

We have all the tools and latest technology needed to trace your debtors. Added to this our special task force of trace agents are the most experienced in the industry and can handle the latest equipment and software necessary to trace your debtors even when it seems impossible.