Our Organisation

Our Collection Recovery Process

Derby Debt Collection LLC holds the distinction of being one of the fastest growing debt collection firms among the banking and financial circles in the UAE. This can be attributed to our infallible Collections Recovery Process that ensures our clients a high success rate.

All claims are processed keeping in mind our strict code of ethics and all efforts are made to settle the debt amicably without instigating legal action till the very end. At Derby, we believe that once an account is turned over to a debt collection firm, the agency should be responsible for seeing to its conclusion and our specially designed collection recovery process guarantees this.

Our Organization

Derby Debt Collection LLC, established in 2009, as part of the Derby Group of Companies, is one of the few debt collection companies to hold a valid debt collections license for operating in the UAE. Our long-term financial and operational stability, contemporary collection management process, technological expertise, and solid commitment to client servicing have helped us gain many prominent clients including famous local banks of UAE, renowned international banks, and UAE's biggest telecom operator.

Our organization which consisted of just three employees two years back has now grown to include over a hundred employees. Many of our management staff and debt recovery agents have come to us directly from the banking and financial industry and have extended experience in the debt collection and recovery process. Our collection agents are extensively trained and practice the highest level of professional ethics at all times.